South Bay 360: Team Tryouts

Saturday May 5th, 2018


The All-Star program at South Bay Cheer 360 isn’t just about putting together teams and competing; it’s about empowering young athletes and motivating them to reach their goals. We provide quality instruction with experienced coaches in a fun and safe environment. Safety in this sport is our priority and is the focal point of our curriculum. Not only do we strive to keep our athletes physically safe, but mentally safe as well. Even though the All-Star program is challenging, we believe in motivating athletes by lifting them up, not tearing them down.

We are getting ready to start our 5th season at Cheer 360! We had a very successful past seasons, and have had 1st place teams at Encore, San Diego, D2 Champions at Duel in the Desert in Palm Springs, 4th place at Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, 2nd and 3rd Place  teams at USA Nationals, 1st Place teams and Program Award from JAMZ, and many more. With our amazing staff of coaches, our teams kept on placing higher and higher with every competition, and our gym couldn’t be more proud. Not only did our teams make tremendous gains throughout the season, but so did our athletes.

This upcoming season we will offer full season All-Star Teams and Prep Teams, a Senior Level 4.2 team, half season Prep Teams, and a Special Needs team.

Our program will consist of team building events, local and travel events, exciting competitions, and strenuous workouts. All-Star Cheerleading is extremely fun and exciting, but it is also a very demanding sport. Athletes in Levels 1-3 practice year round, 4-7 hours per week, depending on age and skill level. It is possible for All-Star Cheerleaders to participate in both All-Star and school cheer, but our practices are mandatory and we expect our students to manage their time accordingly.  This season, families can also choose the Prep Team option, and still experience the competitive sport of All Star Cheer with less of a time and financial commitment.  Prep Teams are also not required to travel.



All-Star Team will practice 5-7 hours a week. Athletes that are chosen for All-Stars will compete in 1 and 2 day competitions. They will travel to San Diego, Palm Springs and one out of state competition, and possibly compete in Florida. Placement is based on coach evaluations.


Full Season Prep Teams are new to South Bay 360 this season! These teams will practice 4 hours a week, and go to only 1-day local competitions. These teams require less time, and a smaller financial commitment than All-Star.


We are thrilled to finally have a gym that works with all ability levels. We are now recruiting members for a special needs team. This team will practice once a week, and perform as an exhibition team. 

All-Star Team Level Requirements:

Level 1

  • Forward roll
  • Backwards roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Round-off
  • Back walkover
  • Front walkover

Level 2

  • Round-off multiple back handsprings
  • Standing back handspring
  • Cartwheel back handspring
  • Back walkover back handspring
  • Combination passes*
  • Front walkover round off multiple back handsprings
  • Back handspring step out through to round off back handsprings

Level 3

  • Round-off back handspring tuck
  • Punch Front
  • Standing 3 back handsprings
  • Combo*
  • Front handspring though to back tuck
  • Back handspring step out
    through to tuck
  • Punch front through to tuck

Level 4

  • Round-off back handspring layout
  • Standing back tuck
  • Standing double handspring layout
  • Toe touch back handspring back tuck
  • Combo passes*
  • Punch front step out to layout
  • Whip through to layout
  • Whip punch layout
  • Front handspring punch front
    through to layout
*Team level placements are based off tumbling as well as jumps, stunts, dance, and attitude

*Participants will be asked to throw all 3 cheer jumps: toe touch, pike jump, and hurdler, and combinations of the 3 with standing tumbling.

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