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This class is a great way to give your little one a great tumbling foundation.  In this class your young student will go through fun tumbling circuits designed to develop gross motor skills, vestibular and spacial awareness, while learning tumbling basics.  In this class students will work on rolls, cartwheels, bridges, handstands, and more.

Ratio of student to teacher – 6:1


Tumbling is one of the basic building blocks to being a cheerleader. In our Beginner Cheer Tumbling Class, our instructors teach students from the ground up how to do cartwheels, round-offs, and walk-overs. After you have reached a certain level and after you feel more comfortable we will then begin working your way up to doing back handsprings.

Ratio of student to teacher – 8:1


The Beginner-Intermediate classes are designed especially for students who have their walkovers and have to progress to back handsprings. This 1 1/2 hour class will focus on drills and strength needed to successfully execute a back handspring. This class is perfect for those ready to master their back handsprings.

The ratio of student to teacher – 8:1


Students participating in our Intermediate Cheer Tumbling Class will already know how to properly do back handsprings. We help students add back handsprings into a choreographed routine as well as learn the basics to connecting tumbling and back tucks. It is so important to learn how to do these tumbling stunts in a safe environment and constantly be watched and guided for proper body placement.

Ratio of student to teacher – 8:1


The cheerleaders participating in our Advanced Cheer Tumbling Class will learn how to master their front and back tucks and layouts. Throughout this class, our instructors teach students how to progress from a layout to a full. Our instructors help students perfect their front and back tumbling and further advance their skills as an expert tumbler.

Ratio of student to teacher – 8:1


We offer an Elite Tumbling class for those athletes that have perfected their layouts, punch front step-out, and are ready to progress to fulls. Elite tumbling class teaches running and standing fulls, and level 5 tumbling passes. Our instructors will help students truly become elite tumblers.

Ratio of student to teacher – 8:1


This tumbling class is designed with dancers in mind.  Our Dance Acro class focuses on tumbling skills specific to dance tumbling.  Students in the Dance Acro class will work on tumbling basics, walkovers, ariels, hand spring step-outs and more.

Ratio of student to teacher – 8:1


This class is just what it sounds like.  Students in this fast paced class learn how to trick and tumble safely with the aide of trained coaches, trampolines, and padded equipment.

Ratio of student to teacher – 8:1

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