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The All-Star Novice division is a great introduction to All-Star Cheer!  This is a new 1/2 season competitive cheer division.

The All-Star Novice division offers the opportunity for athletes to compete at Levels 1-3 and is designed for those students that are new to the sport of All-Star Cheer.  Athletes in this division will perform in one gym exhibition, and go to 3 competitions with the furthest competition in San Diego.  Novice competitions are all one-day events.  Novice teams practice twice a week for a total of  3 1/2 hours a week.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the exciting sport of All-Star Cheer!

We are now taking pre-registrations for tryout day.  To pre-register for 1/2 Season Tryouts, click the link below.  There will be a $30 tryout fee. 

Tryout Day Check List

  • Come 5 mins. before the scheduled time.
  • Wear Blue and Orange.
  • Hair should be up and pulled away from the face. 
  • Wear a mask.
  • Look for Novice Team Tryout Dance on our Insta and FaceBook page, and practice at home.
  • We will teach you at tryouts, but practicing at home makes it easier. 
  • Enjoy your moment, and remember our 360 coaches are here to support you!


$140 per month

The monthly fee for training.
Tuition covers team practices and tumbling class
from October 2019 to April 2020.


$810 per season

This is the cost associated with competing

Payment Plan Options Available.


$75 per year

For all new members. 
This fee is good for 1 year and
is renewed on your anniversary date.

All-Star Team Level Requirements:

Level 1

  • Forward roll
  • Backwards roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Round-off
  • Back walkover
  • Front walkover

Level 2

  • Round-off multiple back handsprings
  • Standing back handspring
  • Cartwheel back handspring
  • Back walkover back handspring
  • Combination passes*
  • Front walkover round off multiple back handsprings
  • Back handspring step out through to round off back handsprings

Level 3

  • Round-off back handspring tuck
  • Punch Front
  • Standing 3 back handsprings
  • Combo*
  • Front handspring though to back tuck
  • Back handspring step out
    through to tuck
  • Punch front through to tuck

Level 4

  • Round-off back handspring layout
  • Standing back tuck
  • Standing double handspring layout
  • Toe touch back handspring back tuck
  • Combo passes*
  • Punch front step out to layout
  • Whip through to layout
  • Whip punch layout
  • Front handspring punch front
    through to layout
*Team level placements are based off tumbling as well as jumps, stunts, dance, and attitude

*Participants will be asked to throw all 3 cheer jumps: toe touch, pike jump, and hurdler, and combinations of the 3 with standing tumbling.

You are on your way to excellent cheerleading services. Call us today to speak with a cheer and tumbling specialist, or
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