At South Bay Cheer 360, we are diligently working to keep our athletes as safe as possible during the treat of COVID-19.  We will be doing our best to reduce the risk of exposure to our students.  We continually monitor most current guidelines from LA County Health Department.  These policies maybe changed or added as new information is provided.

Currently Offering Outdoor Classes

Gym Safety Policies

 1. Gym capacity is limited. There will be no spectators allowed in the building.  Family members that need to utilize the front desk services will be asked to do so over the phone, email, or through your online account. The only students allowed into the facility are those that are pre-enrolled into class.  Students must wait outside until class time.  At class start time, their instructor will come to the front door to escort them into class.

2. Social Distancing- No Contact.  We will need all families to exercise Social Distancing of 6 feet from other families while waiting to be admitted into the building.  Students will also have set floor markers to move to while inside the building to ensure they stay a safe 6 feet or more apart from other participants.  Coaches will not be able to spot, and flyer  and stunt classes will only be done with equipment.

3.  Masks. Everyone entering the building must wear a mask.  Since our students will be working out, we will provide “breathing” breaks to go outside, and remove their masks.

4. Water. The water fountain will be unavailable for use.  Please bring your own water.

5. No Bags. We ask that students only bring water with them to class and practice.  No back pack or large bags will be permitted.  Cubbies will not be available for use.

6. Don’t come sick or if your student has been exposed.  If you have symptoms, do not come to the gym.  We will help you schedule make-up classes when you are well.  If your student has been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please self quarantine for the next 2 weeks and contact a medical professional.


What Our Staff Is Doing

Our staff will be wiping down all surfaces between and during classes, wearing masks, and continually samitizing their hands.  There will be no contact, and staff members will be social distancing from students.  No staff member will be allowed to work if ill, and will need to self quarantine for 2 weeks before returning if exposed.  If our any staff member does experience COVID like symptoms, we will request testing and inform any families that may have been exposed.

Team Policies 

Teams will drill, practice, and work on level skills in small groups until full squad practice is safe.  Stunting practice will be done with equipment.