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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are your classes only for cheerleaders?

No, our classes are for anyone that wants to tumble.  In our gym we have:

  • Tumbling Classes divided by age and ability
  • Dance Acro
  • Flips, Tricks, and Trampoline
  • Parent and Me
  • Hip Hop Dance coming soon

Can students from other cheer teams take classes at 360?

Of course!  We train any athlete that wants to improve their skills.

Does my child need experience to be on a team?

We have teams for all levels, whether your athlete is a novice or advanced. We do recommend that athletes new to All Star cheer start by taking classes in our gym, or start with our 1/2 season Prep Teams.

    How long is the All Star Cheer season?

    All Star Cheer practices from May to April (year around). Competitions start around November and the last competition is in April or May. Preliminary competition schedules are given prior to the start of the season and finalized in August. All Stars go to about 7 competitions a season.

    1/2 season Prep Teams start practices in November, and their last competition is in April. They go to 3-4 competitions a season.

      Can an athlete compete on 2 teams?

      High School athletes CAN compete on both All Star and high school teams. CIF has defined the traditional competitive cheer season as Fall, Winter, and Spring, therefore, CIF Bylaw 600 does not apply.

      For community teams, it is at the discretion of the organization, so please check with your community cheer coach. Cheer 360 has no rules against athletes competing on other community teams as long as the practices don’t interfere with each other.

      For All Star teams, athletes can “crossover” to 2 All Star teams if they wish and if they are approved by a coach to do so. Our All Star athletes are not allowed to compete for other All Star Gyms.

        How many hours a week do All Stars practice?

        Generally an All Star athlete practices about 5 hours a week per team they are on. Extra practices are called once competitions start, and flyers are expected to also take additional flyer classes.

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